Tuesday, October 23, 2007

11 Days and Counting

The NYC Marathon is only 11 days away. I'm officially tapering, which means more sleeping, slightly less running, and ideally paying more attention to what I'm eating. Starting tomorrow.

Following a kickass weekend in California, a red-eye home (sans Bliss Shut-Eye kit - so sad) and (most of) a day at the office, I'm unwinding with my pals Ben & Jerry and back-to-back episodes of ANTM (thank you, CW, for putting the full episodes on your Web site).

On the most recent episode, Tyra advised one of the girls: "Never dull your shine for somebody else." I'm sure that some combination of sleep deprivation, consumption of 1,200 delicious calories and PMS are contributing to my sentiment that that's wise cousel. And, of course, fierce.

In other news, earlier today I decided that I would use the word "nonsense" more, and then flummery popped up on my Google home page as a word of the day. Not only is it fun to say (try it: flummery!), it means "empty compliment; unsubstantial talk or writing; mumbo jumbo; nonsense."

UFF: Adding flummery to the internets since 2006.


Lisa said...

I'm sorry, but I can no longer watch ANTM after Victoria got the boot. It was so unfair. So unfair. And I loved her. She was me and I was her. So, Tyra, I'm not on your team anymore. Next time a rag posts "Tyra is fat" pictures I will point and laugh along with everyone else!

Elizabeth said...

Gillian--just discovered your blog. It's fabulous! Hope all went well in San Francisco and I'll see you at TNT send-off this week for NYC!

By the way--I liked your love letter to USPS. Check this out, you might enjoy: http://www.rudolphdelson.com/text/dear%20postmaster.pdf

- Elizabeth

SparklyD said...

Gilly - Your Canadian cheering contingent is mobilizing! Can't wait to watch you in action. xox sparkly d