Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dinner Dilemma

Do I eat the last 6 stems of asparagus from last week's Fresh Direct order, or do I eat some of the fresh new stalks that I bought at the green market on Saturday?

(Above: The basics: Olive oil, sea salt, ground pepper and Parmigiano Regiano)

Monday, May 28, 2007


One year ago yesterday DLang and I got hitched at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Our family and friends joined us afterward at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture for pancakes (with real Canadian maple syrup, of course), eggs, and TimBits. Then a bunch of us headed down to Coney Island to ride the Cyclone and eat Nathan's hot dogs on the boardwalk.

It was an amazing day.

The year that followed has been a lot like that ride on the Cyclone. We've had crazy good ups, and have caught our stomachs in our throats during the high-speed and often unpredictable plummets. Neither of us knows exactly where we're going, or what peak or valley is around the next turn.

I commented to a friend the other day that it's hard to be in this state of transition and impermanence, and he said, "You know, that's all of us, all the time."

Yesterday, DLang and I returned to Coney Island to walk on the boardwalk and eat ice cream and play Skee Ball - and, yes, ride the Cyclone. And even though it's a rough ride, I couldn't imagine having anyone else by my side.

Happy Anniversary, D.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

90 Degrees in the Shade

Too Hot
Originally uploaded by Kitty LaRoux.

It's a hot hot Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, just like last year when DLang and I tied the knot. Memphis is trying to keep cool by napping. Note that that is also her strategy for keeping warm.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Goals: Week 3

OK, so this goals stuff isn't going so well. However, I feel like I got a lot done this week, so maybe I just need to be smarter about what I'm writing down!

Training Update:

At least training is going well! I ran 4 days this week for a total of 15 miles (including one run to work!).

Goals for Week of May 21:


2. Run 15 miles.

3. Do yoga at least once.

4. Bring lunch to work at least 3 days.

5. Write a letter.

6. Clean the bathroom of the BP.

7. Start weight-loss regime (separate post about this to follow).

8. Write at least one more meaningful, less what-I-had-for-lunch blog post.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Not Memphis

Originally uploaded by Kitty LaRoux.

Yesterday I visited my friends A & B (and their sweet sweet baby Daphne) in NJ. This is one of their cats, and this week's UFF Caturday honouree, Kiki.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Book Networks Redux

One of my best-read friends recommended Goodreads (and they seemed to have fixed the error I blogged about previously), so I'm going with them for now. You can find me here.

Gillian Likes To

I know memes are to real writers what Sandra Lee's "cooking" is to real chefs, however, this one was too hilare to pass up.

Instructions: Google "[yournamehere] likes to" (keep the quotes!) and note the top 10 results.

1. Dr Gillian likes to call them ‘essential thinny acids’ and that is why she refers to hemp as ‘the weight loss seed’.
2. Gillian likes to watch movies and play games.
3. Gillian likes to Pout.
4. Gillian likes to examine the poop best in a tupperware sandwich box! [Gillian is cracking up over here.]
5. Gillian likes to grab her feet almost as mu ch as. she likes to grab a barga i n . [Gillian can't explain the extra spaces.]
6. gillian likes to be called gill or gilly or gillybean
7. Gillian likes to walk about - we go for walks often. ... In her spare time, Gillian likes to have tea and scones (well, I'm sure she would if she liked tea) ...
8. Gillian likes to ice ski
9. Gillian likes to unwind here from the hustle and bustle of busy city living.
10. Gillian likes to immerse herself in her photography at all times and is a member of the Welshpool camera club where she has won various prizes for her landscape and macro work.

P.S. Sometimes Googling your own name is downright freaky.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Good To Know

"I think part of why people get so anxious is that we keep so many secrets. Then we feel shameful about things, and worried that people are going to judge us --"

"When really, most people don't give a fuck about anyone besides themselves."

"Exactly! And your friends are your friends, right? Really, what would a friend have to do to make you not be their friend? Like, maybe kill someone?"

"Even then..."

"Yeah. True."

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Goals: Week 2

The results are in - I completed 4 of last week's 10 goals, and partially completed 2 others (I brought lunch to work twice, and ran 8 miles).

Training Update:

Our first Group Training Session (GTS) was yesterday morning. I stuck with the intermediate/advanced group, and we ran about 4 miles with a few stops for cross training (things like squats & lunges) along the way. This morning I ran the New York Junior League's Mother's Day 4M, and finished in 41:18 (a 10:19 mile) - not bad considering how out-of-shape I feel! This evening my muscles are satisfyingly sore, and I'm excited that training has resumed.

Goals for Week of May 14:

NOT DONE 1. Finish mix CD for Bri & Ali.

DONE 2. Brush Memphis.

DONE 3. Run 10 miles.

NOT DONE 4. Write a letter.

NOT DONE 5. Do not spend money on food for at least 3 days.

NOT DONE 6. Do yoga at least once.

NOT DONE 7. Clean the bathroom of the BP.

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to my own Mom, who has taught me how to do so many things, including but not limited to, crocheting, baking, graciously hosting a dinner party for 12, walking in heels, and mixing a decent martini. She also passed along her strong chin and shapely legs, for which I'm grateful. Thanks, Mom - you rock.

Happy Mother's Day to my godmother, Sunny, who taught me (and continues to teach me) about emotional, physical, and spiritual health. At one point she also tried to teach me how to not throw like a girl - hopefully she had more success with the health stuff. She's also the best dog whisperer you'll ever meet.

Happy Mother's Day to Pam, Sunny's partner, who in addition to having a wryly hilarious comment for pretty much every situation, is one of the most generous people I know. She's also Sunny's only link to cyberspace, and recently sent me email that said, Sunny would like to know how to connect to your "blogs"......please write soon - so they might even read this!

Happy Mother's Day to DLang's Mom, Sally, who knows pretty much everything about houseplants (and can teach you a thing or two about nursing, too). It's wonderful to have her in the 'hood!

Happy Mother's Day to DLang's Stepmom, Nancy, who has the awesomest cookbook collection I've ever seen, and will talk to me for hours about food and cats (two of my favourite subjects)!

Happy Mother's Day to new mom Sirrah!, of whom I am constantly in awe. How does she do it?

Happy Mother's Day to Griffin's Mom (and regular UFF reader) Candace, who inspires me to live with honesty and integrity (and doesn't judge me when I don't).

And finally, Happy Mother's Day to all current and future moms, and even to all of you like me who aren't sure but still nurture yourselves and others - like any good mom would.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

10 Years!

Originally uploaded by Kitty LaRoux.

For as long as I can remember, I wanted a cat. My mom didn't like the hair, so we had poodles instead - but I coveted creatures of the feline persuasion. I collected All Things Cat: stuffed, ceramic, sticky - anything I could get my hands on. Finally, in 1997, having recently graduated and started my first Real Job, I decided it was time to adopt a kitty. My then-boyfriend Greg had friends outside Ottawa (where we lived at the time) whose cat had recently had kittens, and he arranged for me to have one. I didn't care if I got male or female - I just wanted the orange one.

On the eve of Mother's Day at around 8 p.m., I drove out to the McDonald's on Carling Ave. to meet a man with a cardboard box in the trunk of his car containing a tiny orange kitten who fit in the palm of my hand. She came with a can of cat food and a note telling me that her birthday was April 1 and that they'd been calling her "Morris." As we'd recently visited Graceland, Greg & I decided on the name Memphis. She also goes by Mempher, Memipher, Memiflower, Memphy, Furball, The Furb, FOP (Furry Orange Pussy), as well as myriad variations on "Kitty LaRoux" (see: Purry LaRoux, Pesky LaRoux) and has been called the "Softest Cat in the World" on more than one occasion.

And, despite moments of wanting to throw her out the window, I think I'll keep her around.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Canadianisms Part 4: The Drinking Game

Two-four: A case (24 bottles) of beer. "Do you guys need us to bring anything to the party tonight?" "Nope - we picked up a few two-fours this afternoon, so I think we're set!"

Rye: Rye whiskey. Bourbon is a good substitute in the U.S. I found this one out in a bar in San Jose, when I ordered a "rye and Coke" and received a blank stare.

Mickey: A 13-oz. bottle of alcohol (in the U.S., known as a fifth). In researching this particular Canadianism I found An American's Guide to Canada which basically renders the Canadianisms series on UFF obsolete, but, whatever. I know you'll be back, even if I am just rewriting content that exists elsewhere on the interwebs.

Pissed: Drunk. "They showed up with a two-four, but I was already pissed after drinking that mickey of rye." (Thanks to MFD for telling me about this one - it's a recent discovery.)

Give 'er: I would have defined this as "Step on it!" but a Google of the phrase gives me this rather crude definition:

To party as hard as possible and let nothing get in your way. Comes straight from Canada and indirectly Fubar [the movie, which is also Canadian, and about which I also learned tonight!].

Canadian #1: "Theres a party at Johnny's tonite..."
Canadian #2: Well, we best fuckin' give'er, eh"
Canadian #1: "Fo' shizzle, lets get some beer"
(Please note that thanks to K-Dog I LOVE the expression "fo' shizzle," even though it totally isn't Canadian.)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Bro!

It's Garth's birthday today! That means I've known the kid for 31 years (which, doesn't make him much of a kid anymore, I guess). Funny how a 2 year age difference is so much more significant when you're 6 and 4.

Now head on over to Facebook and write a birthday message on his wall -- if you can figure out how to do that.

Goals: Week 1

Marathon training starts next weekend (hooray!) and I thought that Sunday evening might be a good time to update UFF with my progress. I also thought I'd share my weekly non-training goals as well! As DC Dave would say, I'm a giver.

Inspired by Billiam, here, then, are this week's to-dos:

DONE 1. Put up new shelf. I consider affixing things securely to walls to be one of my superpowers, and this wall is my kryptonite. I've tried using regular plastic anchors (denied) and then with a toggle bolt. I believe the screw was too short (that's what she said) because on the first try, the entire mechanism fell into the wall, and on the second try, I had to hold the head of the screw with pliers and even then couldn't get it in far enough to get the toggle to grip. (That all sounds incredibly dirty.) I just found this handy site in case you're interested in more information about wall anchors.

NOT DONE 2. Bring my lunch to work (at least 4 times). I went to the greenmarket on Saturday and have a FreshDirect order arriving tomorrow morning, so I have the raw materials. In fact, I'd like to up this to not buying any food during the day for at least 3 days. After all, I just spent $60 on spoons.

DONE 3. Wash the floor of the Bachelorette Pad.

NOT DONE 4. Brush Memphis.

DONE 5. Repot the herbs (and tomato plant) I bought at the greenmarket.

NOT DONE 6. Update Quicken. (I will procrastinate the hell out of this one.)

NOT DONE 7. Write a real, honest-to-god letter (lucky recipient TBD).

DONE 8. Figure out Mother's Day gifts and such.

NOT DONE 9. Run the Prospect Park loop at least 3 times.

NOT DONE 10. Finish the mix CD for Ali & Bri.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Lisa!

Today is Lisa's birthday! You still have an hour and 17 minutes to head over to her blog and wish her happy happy. Go! Now!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

My Baby

Originally uploaded by Kitty LaRoux.

Retail Therapy

Earlier this week I saw these Bird Measuring Spoons on Delight.com. I looked at them longingly for a few minutes then surfed away, reasoning that it would be entirely unreasonable to spend $60 (with discounts and such) on a set of measuring spoons.

Later that day, I clicked back over and bought the spoons. They arrived today, and I honestly wish I'd bought 3 more sets because they are SO BEAUTIFUL, and I know that Sirrah! (among others) would also adore them.

Late-Night Blogging Gets Serious

I recently read that my generation's feminist mothers told us that we could have anything, and that we interpreted it as, we have to have everything.

Now, 10 years into both my career and my child-bearing years, that sentiment resonates strongly with me. I've been in my current job for just over four years and my current relationship for almost six, and I often feel as though I don't have any more clarity on What I Want To Be When I Grow Up than I did in 1997 when I graduated from university. I've been convinced that my life could (and would) take almost every turn imaginable. In high school I was sure that I'd get married but not breed. Then, for many years, I vowed not to take vows (but thought that kids might be OK, or at least that I might have a baby as a surrogate mother).

Since an enlightening conversation with Sunny on our trip to P.E.I. in 2003, I've been more sure that I wanted to have children - at least 2, maybe 3. Last year DLang and I took what could reasonably have been viewed as the next step toward such an endeavour: the nuptials. Our one-year anniversary is only three weeks away, and let's just say we've had a rather rough go of it. So rough, in fact, that I recently moved into my own apartment to give our relationship a bit of space. [File this entry under "humility."] I don't know if it was the right thing to do, but we're talking and seeing each other regularly and are probably closer than we've ever been, which, if nothing else, bodes well for our growth as individuals.

What, then, of my biological clock?

Last week's foray into motherhood, as peripheral as it was, led me to a number of "conclusions." Charlie was born on Saturday and came home on Sunday, and by Tuesday I'd decided, "Wow, I am so not ready for this. At all." It was kind of a relief (the clock had been ticking loudly). However, by the time I returned to NY, I felt panicky all over again at my own uncertainty and lack of a plan (many of the same feelings that led me into therapy two years ago).

In the past year, some of my closest friends with kids have told me that having children was the best thing they've ever done. (In fact, that's what Sunny said in P.E.I.) One said that it was the *most* important. At times I've thought about those superlatives and equated the possibility of not having children as meaning that there won't be a "best" or "most important" thing I'll ever do. Thinking like that, sucks. It fuels the fire of anxiety, and only serves to minimize the contributions I make with my life now. For example, would I have time to bring you the plethora of good times that is UFF if I had to look after an infant? Count your blessings, dear reader(s).

I suppose this entry is partly a confessional (since I've been skirting the whole moving-out thing for two months, and it's getting tiresome - plus I really want to post pictures of my cute new apartment) and partly a reminder to myself to honour and respect my life as it is, today.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Cuts Both Ways

DLang and Little Lisa went for a run tonight. Later, we discussed.

"Do you realize that you are exactly twice Little Lisa's age?"

"Well, not exactly, I mean, she's about to turn twen--"

"I know but right now she's 19! And you're 38!"

"Huh." [Translation: I don't like to know that it is possible for a fully-formed adult human being to be half my age.]

"Isn't that crazy?"

"Yeah, it is kind of crazy. If I were really irresponsible, I could actually be her father."

"Or her boyfriend!"

[Long pause.] "Yeah, that would be pretty irresponsible."

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Home Again Home Again

When I walked in the door last night, Memphis was lounging on the couch. She immediately got up, mewed, and ran over onto a chair near where I was standing. When I picked her up, she sniffed my face all over and rubbed her head up against me. It was awesome.

I have to say, though, I miss the night shift and holding the lovely-smelling baby Charlie. And my family in Waterloo. I can't yet articulate what a profound effect the past week had on me. I'll give it a try someday soon. For now, look at this picture and try to get your hands (or at least your nose) on some baby lotion.

Sleeping Baby