Wednesday, November 14, 2007

North American Tour '07

UFF is taking it on the road - today I'm in Toronto, aka T-Dot (if you live here) and T-Not (if you don't and think it's ridiculously expensive). Yesterday was spent in the booming metropolis of Waterloo, and tonight I head to Portland, Oregon for my first visit to that fine city. It's all worky, unfortunately - even my parental visits were limited to brief hugs, but I'll be back just in time for the X.

I'm off to ride the TTC. Later skaters.


Brianna said...

the X?

Lisa said...

the X?


Anonymous said...

You're going to Portland, a week after I was there? That's more crazy twin-Gillian stuff!

Someday you should come to Vancouver and we'll see if we make the universe implode when we shake hands.

Gillian said...

Xmas. Doesn't everyone know that? (I just made it up.)