Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fierce Enough for Tyra

Dog: our little hunter just caught a mouse!

did she eat it?

Dog: nope
well, she had it in her mouth
carried it to the bedroom
held it
held it
wait for it
dropped it
and it was there stunned and she was just watching

G: then what?

Dog: i put an empty strawberry thing over it
now it's outside in a little cage
while i decide what to do with it

G: let it go!
what would you possibly do with it?

Dog: should i throw it over a neighbor's fence?

G: no

Dog: i'm not going to fricassee it, bebe.

G: just let it run away
don't throw it!
it's been traumatized enough!

Dog: not throw
i just mean put it somewhere where it's more likely to end up in someone else's house, rather than our own

G: believe me, it isn't coming back


montague said...

rock on cat!

Elizabeth said...

poor little mouse--what trauma!