Friday, August 29, 2008

Morning Commute

Originally uploaded by Kitty LaRoux.

This morning I boarded the Q-train as usual at 7th Ave. in Brooklyn. I glanced down and noticed grass wrapped around each of the poles that run up the middle of the car - just little patches of wheat grass. It was lovely and unexpected and passengers smiled when they saw the grass. I noticed other people photographing and sketching it, and heard one woman comment that she wish she had coloured pencils with her.

When the train stopped at 14th St., there was an announcement of a brief delay so that one of the cars could be cleared because of vandalism. We gathered ourselves and shuffled off the train amidst quiet comments of "bummer" and "that sucks," and most of us continued our commutes on the R-train that had pulled in across the platform.


Anonymous said...

oh my god! this THRILLS me! it was probably the Q right after the one i was on, too!

montague said...

your photos totally made my day!!! i can't believe they took it down - it totally improves the subway!

Elizabeth said...

How cool! What was it all about? Did anyone know?