Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I Like TV

I started a big long post about my new (Brooks) running shoes that made my heels bleed the first time I wore them (so sad) and my even newer (Mizuno) running shoes but then I drank 2 beers and instead decided to share with you my top 10 favourite things about "Gossip Girl":

  1. Chuck

  2. Chuck

  3. Blair's hair

  4. Little J's hair (seriously, thank god it doesn't look like this on the show)

  5. Chuck

  6. Rufus having the balls to tell Lily to go blow (SUCKA)*

  7. That Vanessa and Nate weren't in last week's episode

  8. Getting rid of Prince Whatever and the incesty Duchess Whatever - GOOD JOB WRITERS

  9. While the girls are certainly thin, none of them is in dire need of a Happy Meal like the chicks on (the new and colossally inferior) 90210

  10. Chuck

*Liking any story line about the parents officially makes me old. And as I'm also curious about Chuck's dad's dirt on Lily, I'm probably old AND uncool. With bloody heels.


Anonymous said...

Chuck is the most unbelievable character. I can't imagine a teenager having that much confidence, cynicism, bravado... Either that or I grew up in the wrong neighbourhood.

Not that I watch the show or anything.

Anonymous said...

I saw the post title, "I Like TV", skipped straight to the list because Reading is Hard (tm), I nodded and says "Yeah, Chuck is a fun show!" before I realized that you were actually talking about Gossip Girl, ironically by the same show creator and airing in the same time slot. So, um, I thought you should know that.

Candace said...

I think at some point you either identify with the parents or become the creepy 40-year-old guy at the rave...