Friday, December 19, 2008

Not A Creature Was Stirring

The following is an annotated series of text messages from Ken earlier this evening.


Plus I saw [ex-coworker #1] AND [ex-coworker #2].

Plus I found a dead mouse in my shoe.

Plus it may have been there while I was seeing them last night.


Plus I'm eating a Vietnamese sandwich.***

*He'd been picking up a package at the post office for me! What a guy.

**Geek for "I meant wearing, not seeing, in that last message."

***Hanco's bánh mì. I was very jealous.

I don't even know how to follow all this up, except to say that when I asked him more about the mouse, he said he found it as he was taking his shoes OFF. He'd had his shoes on WITHOUT SOCKS and had been wearing them for approx. an hour before he investigated a lump in the toe only to discover the rodent in question. AN HOUR. His toes were touching a dead mouse for SIXTY MINUTES.

No wonder Memphis was so interested in his shoe earlier this morning.


Lisa said...

K-money! That's very gross. How big are his shoes that there is room for a mouse along with a foot?

Elizabeth said...

I would definitely have been traumatized, but I'm glad to see that it sounds like Ken took it in stride...

Anonymous said...

i don't even know what to say

montague said...