Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Crush: Ikea

On Saturday, after two weeks of unseasonably warm and delicious weather, we returned to our regularly scheduled early-Spring programming with a chilly, wet day. I took the opportunity to make the hour drive to the nearest Ikea, in Burlington - ostensibly to return a shelf, but also, you know, to look around for a bit, especially since it was a solo trip. (As 30 Rock has so accurately advised, Ikea is not a place for couples.)

I didn't want to buy much, but used my new status as a free agent (read: someone who works from home in her pajamas) as an excuse to pick up a few things to spruce up my home office and surroundings.

Exhibit A: The Office

I admit, I didn't have anything specific in mind on this trip, but I like to keep an eye out for pretty things at Ikea that might also be there for a limited time, especially in the Marketplace. My absolute favourite of these on this past visit were these star-shaped napkin holders, which I've repurposed to hold papers that need filing:

I bought 3, at $3.99 each. Two hold these files, and another holds smaller greeting and index cards.

They're called NYSNÖ. Nice, no? (See what I did there?)

The pen holder on my desk is also from Ikea. In its former life it was a flower pot. It is lacy, and as such has places to hold broaches and single dangly earrings. Confession: I bought this on a previous visit so I don't know how much it cost, but I think it was around $6.

Exhibit B: The Executive Washroom

I found this vase in the plant/vase section (...duh), and almost bought 3. Then I decided it would be pretty all on its own. Now I realize it only cost $1.99 and I wish I'd bought 6. I guess I'll just have to go back.

The frame (for this print) is also from Ikea. Yes, the frame is too small, although I don't mind the print cropped this way for now. I'll add a larger one to my next Ikea shopping list. And that clock cost all of 99¢, and helps me be on time for work... in the next room, in my pajamas. (Perhaps now I'll have time to finish painting the trim in there. In my pajamas, natch.)

Exhibit C: The Corporate Nap Space

This happily-polka-dotted light blue tray was $3.99. It holds bits on my dresser, and makes me feel more organized than I really am (...shh, don't tell the boss!).

And finally, this little tea light holder, on sale for 99¢, now catches our spare change.

Full disclosure: Ikea wears me out, even when I don't have a boyfriend whose Ikea countdown timer is beeping loudly in my ear. On Saturday, as I wound my way through the Self-Serve aisles toward the checkout, my treasure-laden yellow bag digging into my shoulder, I texted Ken, "I officially want to kill." Then, at my weakest moment, I smelled them: The $1 cinnamon rolls.

Well played, Ikea. Well played.


~Ali said...

Now that I know where you got that tray, I might be makin' a little trippy trip tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

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