Tuesday, February 20, 2007


"Hey G, thanks for the Smarties. Did you get them in Canada?"

"Yeah. You know they have Smarties here, but they're really--"

"Rockets! I know! So weird."

"Hey, you know they don't have point form."

"What? What do they call it?"

"Bulleted points? Or bulleted list, I think. And also... What do you call the thing you colour with when you're too old for crayons?"

"Pencil crayons?"

"Right, but here they're coloured pencils."

"Huh, and a toque is a knitted cap. It's all very literal."


Anonymous said...

Actually they're "colored" pencils here. Griffin loves his ABC's of Canada, by the way.

Lisa said...

How about the shredded wheat circle. We have good good whole wheat Shreddies, but if they call Shreddies shredded wheat, then what do they call shredded wheat?

Anonymous said...

They're not pencil crayons? O my. This land.