Thursday, February 22, 2007


When I was visiting my parents in January, Sunny asked me to go through her storage space to clear out my stuff, which I thought might amount to a few boxes. It did, if by "a few" you mean "1,200 sq. ft. worth of". Anyhoo. Much of it was throw-awayable, but there were a few keepers, like a box of pictures that contained such gems as this:
Apparently I thought that XL was an appropriate t-shirt size. So hot.

Please note my resemblance to Canadian icon Kim Mitchell:I am a wild party.


themikestand said...


1) Did you used to have love in your kisses?
2) Ever put [someone's] heart in flames?
3) Ever give anyone all their three wishes?
4) Were you easy to tame?

Becca said...

omg, Gillian, you with the long hair look even more like that chick Leslie Hunt on American Idol.

Gillian said...

Dear Mike:

I'm just doing my rock 'n' roll duty.
Creating a buzz buzz buzz.
Some say I'm in it for the money.
But I'm in it for love love love.