Thursday, February 22, 2007


When I was visiting my parents in January, Sunny asked me to go through her storage space to clear out my stuff, which I thought might amount to a few boxes. It did, if by "a few" you mean "1,200 sq. ft. worth of". Anyhoo. Much of it was throw-awayable, but there were a few keepers, like a box of pictures that contained such gems as this:
Apparently I thought that XL was an appropriate t-shirt size. So hot.

Please note my resemblance to Canadian icon Kim Mitchell:I am a wild party.


themikestand said...


1) Did you used to have love in your kisses?
2) Ever put [someone's] heart in flames?
3) Ever give anyone all their three wishes?
4) Were you easy to tame?

Becca & Brian said...

omg, Gillian, you with the long hair look even more like that chick Leslie Hunt on American Idol.

Gillian said...

Dear Mike:

I'm just doing my rock 'n' roll duty.
Creating a buzz buzz buzz.
Some say I'm in it for the money.
But I'm in it for love love love.