Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Birthday :-)!

Originally uploaded by Kitty LaRoux.

Today be the Smiley's 25th birthday! Arr!* I was lucky enough to visit its birthplace yesterday.

The eternal question: Nose or no nose?

*It's also, apparently, Talk Like a Pirate day, as evidenced by the pirate flag on Flickr's logo. Who thinks of these things?


Brianna said...

oh I'll tell you. The guy who invented talk like a pirate day was on wife swap with his fam (and obviously his wife). dude quit his job, dresses like a pirate 24/7 and won't let anyone clean the house because chaos is good.

PS no nose.

Anonymous said...

it's also my birthday. could you imagine being born on a more illustrious day? god i wish i could spell.

Miss A said...

oh my gosh they dedicate a day to this?

definitely a nose!

Anonymous said...

Also, equal sign or colon? I've always made them like this: