Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Good Ol' Days

When I first moved to NY in February 2000, I didn't know a single person except for the guy who would be heading up my company's soon-to-be-opened office here, and I'd only met him once. Let's call him "Hal." Hal was a real-life Michael Scott. I'm totally serious. In fact, go read the Wikipedia Overview, because it describes Hal EXACTLY. He was sweet and insecure and well-intentioned and frequently said painfully awkward things that were meant to be funny.

Hal was also very neurotic. He had a label maker that I swear he'd have had sex with if he could have found a way. The guy labeled EVERYTHING, including, I kid you not, the shelves in our office fridge as to WHICH CANS OF SODA WENT ON WHICH SHELF:Hilare, right? And totally without irony. Of course, my co-workers and I found the label-obsession hilarious, and on occasion, messed with it a little:
Hee. (Our sales people once labeled all of their office supplies, including STAPLER, MONITOR, CPU, etc. Good times.)

One day, my officemate came over to my desk and conspiratorially said, "Gillian. You have to come see this." He signaled me into the kitchen and pointed me to his lunch leftovers:
Office pranks? Don't get any better than that.

While we're reminiscing, I must also share with you a photo of the worst sunburn I've ever had, in the Summer of 2000:


Lisa said...

WOW you're so different with that haircut!
Also- hilare with the beef stew

Anonymous said...

A former supervisor once put a note on the only can of Coke left in the work fridge.

It read "I licked this".

Nobody took the pop, because how did they know he didn't?

Anonymous said...

When Monika's oldest was still a baby she was pumping breast milk and storing it in her office fridge. And one of her coworkers took some and put it in his coffee. After that she put a sign on it saying "Human breastmilk, not for adult consumption" and it never happened again.

Michael said...

Pink and red and yellow. All orangey hued. Tsk tsk. :)

Becca & Brian said...

Ha! I remember that. Still as funny now as it was then. Even funnier really, now that they've produced a whole TV show about the guy.

I laughed out loud at this: "Let's call him 'Hal'"