Thursday, December 06, 2007

Holiday Cheer

BP:LE is feeling a lot cozier these days. We could still use a good couch - I've been trolling Craig's List in my spare time and found a few promising items, but nothing worth investing in yet. I'm not even sure where we'd put it, but I dream of a couch that is long enough for me to stretch my whole 173cm out, and deep enough for me to do that while sharing with another person (or a cat, as the case may be).

We're 5 days into Advent, aka the countdown to Christmas! And presents! In my family, however, the presents get started good and early with our annual Advent Calendars, which my mom thoughtfully assembles and mails out (usually on or around December 1). Growing up, we had felt calendars with a little pocket for each day from Dec. 1-24. My mom made these calendars, and they hung on the wall by our stairs with a little gift in each pocket. Every morning Dos and I rushed to open that day's gift, which might have been a fancy eraser, or part of a Lego kit. Last year I made one for the G-Man and totally spaced on it this year - hopefully things will settle down a bit in January.

A couple of days ago I got some junk mail from the Oprah Magazine people that offered a life makeover. I rolled my eyes and thought, "I've already had about four this year."

Next week I'll be on hiatus, relaxing in Buenos Aires and enjoying all that city has to offer: Steak, wine, shopping, and siestas. Sweet, sweet siestas.

Hasta la vista, babies!


Lisa said...

Buenos Aires! Sweet deal! Have fun!

Our Heads Are Helmets said...

Have a wonderful time, babe!

Elizabeth said...

Enjoy B.A.! I spent 6 mos there a few years back--it's awesome. For steak definitly try Cabana las Lilas