Monday, December 24, 2007

A UFF Christmas Letter

Dear Family & Friends,

It's time for the first-ever, possibly only-ever, Ultra Fine Flair Christmas Letter!

Let's just say that 2007 had its ups and downs. January included a trip to California and various forms of combat. Quote of the month: "Please! If you must throw up do it in the toilet not in the sink."

February included some deep thoughts and a nephew (born to my stepsister, in case any of you are wondering about Garth's fertility, which is still TBD). In March I baked some pies, then shit fell apart and I left my luggage at the airport and had my rental car towed within a matter of days. I also moved into the BP (but didn't actually blog about it until May).

Charlie was the big news in April. Rereading those posts reminded me that this year was crazily awesome.

According to the archives, May was a tough month. You can read 'em if you'd like to put your life into perspective (trust me). Speaking of perspective, in June I started the Perspective series (which I love and should really do more of), and in July I ran in Central Park and listened to music in Prospect Park. In August I learned to cook in a "kitchen" the size of a postage stamp.

And in September I moved again, this time to Bachelorette Pad: Loft Edition. I flew to SF in October where I set a personal record in a half-marathon (2:12), and ate a delicious burrito.

In November I ran the NYC Marathon and spent 5 of 8 blog posts that month talking about it (SUCKAS!).

And that brings us back to... December! Tomorrow morning I'm off to Toronto for the week, where I will eat too many Timbits and try not to fight with my family - you know, the usual.

Merry Christmas everyone!



Our Heads Are Helmets said...

Merry Christmas, lovey.

Elizabeth said...

What a full year of changes and awesome accomplishments! Happy holidays girlie!

Lisa said...

Merry Christmas man, <4

Anonymous said...

I'm a day late, happy boxing day!