Thursday, March 06, 2008

2008 Mulligan

I'm declaring a mulligan for 2008.

HBJ was OK and all, but it turned into what my special friend (tee hee) (who we'll call "Steve" before anyone starts to think that special=retarded) now refers to as TOLF: Tub O' Lard February. (I think he might have been calling me fat.) And so, inspired by Kajal's leap day post and GBNAA, I'm making some New Year's resolutions.

1. 2008 is the year of the 140s. FOR REAL, even though I hit up one of the jars as recently as today.
2. Recycle and compost. Did I mention that GBNAA has a backyard?
3. Always be taking a class. Right now it's improv, and starting next month I'm taking a photography class. Learning is fun! Especially when the homework is going to improv shows or taking pictures of Memphis.
4. Add more to the perspective series, just because I like it.
5. Get rid of half my stuff. In particular, the half I don't want, but which my friends thoughtfully loaded into and out of a moving truck on Saturday. Thanks again, guys!


montague said...

looooove the perspective series!

Lisa said...

Mulligan is a great word that I didn't know until today. Thanks, man.

Also I love the perspective series.

Also also how was improv last night?

Elizabeth said...

I ALSO love the perspective series! And what photography class are you taking? I'm looking for one myself...

Gillian said...

Thanks guys!

Lise - improv was AWESOME last night, perhaps the best class so far! We did character stuff which helped me start scenes stronger, I think. It was good times.

Elizabeth - I'm taking the Intro to Photography class at PhotoManhattan, from April 8 - June 12. A guy at work recommended it.