Friday, July 18, 2008

12 + 99 = 4

Or, Ambition + Temperature = Reality

I had grand plans to run home from work tonight, plans which were thwarted when, about 3 miles into my run, I realized that it was 99°F even along the waterfront, and that crossing the tourist-laden Brooklyn Bridge and running up fume-y Atlantic Avenue in that heat was really going to suck. So I cut my run short after 4 miles.

Fortunately I sweated enough to still feel hardcore.

Training update: I ran 10 miles last Saturday, a totally beautiful run starting and ending in Prospect Park, and across both the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges. The weather that morning was perfect, and I felt great. Tuesday night I had another hill workout, which wasn't exactly *fun* but I (and my calves) survived.


montague said...

so proud of you!!! by the way, i was planning to run the NYC 1/2 but i have been SO sick the past 10 days with little sign of recovery. do you have a spot? I am trying to sell mine to someone who would like it... let me know!

Elizabeth said...

Way to go on your 10 miler. I am trying to train for my 6 mile triathlon run but have only gotten up to 2 so far. Ugh.