Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Eat A Cookie

Eating a cookie is my response to all dilemmas this week. For example:

Dilemma! What should I do with my GameCube that hasn't been played since 2003?
Answer: Eat a cookie!

Dilemma! Someone offered me $20 more for a bookcase I'd listed on Craigslist AFTER I promised it to someone else.
Answer: Eat a cookie!

Dilemma! The TEFL school I applied to in BsAs hasn't written me back.
Answer: Eat a cookie!

Dilemma! The cookie I'm eating isn't even that good, but I keep eating it.
Answer: Eat it anyway!

By the time we get to South America I'm going to weigh 400lbs.


Tyler said...

I've found another good answer is "bust a move". Almost universal.

Candace said...

What kind of cookies? This actually sounds like a great plan.

Lisa said...

It's like my reading my life.
But instead of your dilemmas I have studying. And instead of cookies is chips. BUT SAME THING!

Adam Wishneusky said...

like my mom always said "If you're going to weigh 400 pounds and not be able to get out of bed, you might as well be in bed in South America"