Thursday, February 26, 2009

Internet > Packing

As the history books will show us, more packing means more blogging! [Ref: August 2007, February 2008.]

There's a lot more purging happening this time around, and in the process I've unearthed some choice bits, like this mixtape outline I made circa 1997:


Speaking of mixtapes, I also found one that Dos made for me around the same time, for my Route 66 roadtrip. It contains such classics as "Barbie Girl" by Aqua ("come on Barbie let's go party") and "Bandito" by The Refreshments ("Everybody knows/ that the world is full of stupid people") and is appropriately entitled, "Super Funky Driving Tape."


Anonymous said...

WOW! A New Journey---so go girl--do not miss a blade of grass or tree or grain of sand. New music you will always hear and dance to the rhythm---

Lisa said...

ice cream. hold on. ice cream. hold on.
Also your handwriting is my favourite.