Monday, May 25, 2009

Southern Exposure

Some of my photos have been making their way around the interwebs!

Norma, who taught me how to make grandma-worthy empanadas (are you sick of hearing about that yet? Hee) last weekend, has updated her flyer to include some pictures I took during the class:

Valeria, another of Norma's students, runs a service called Spare Rooms Buenos Aires to help n00bs to the city find a room to sublet during their stay. Great idea! She also has a blog with info for foreigners, and last week added a couple of photos from our trip with Adrián to the parrilla a few weeks ago.

More pics in our Buenos Aires Collection on Flickr.


Candace said...

I really think food photography is your calling.

~ali said...

I agree! You photograph food really beautifully....other things, too, but food especially.