Monday, December 14, 2009

The Bus Diaries

Since we crossed the border into Argentina we've been travelling south along Route 40, with stops in Salta, Mendoza, Bariloche, El Chaltén, and now El Calafate. (Click map, at right, to enlarge.) Along the way we've walked through beautiful parks filled with lakes and wildflowers, and been awed by views of snow-capped mountains. Last night in El Chaltén, after a day of hiking, we dined on delicious Patagonian lamb and marvelled at the daylight that lingered well past 10 p.m.

From here we'll continue south through Rio Gallegos to Ushuaia, Argentina's southernmost city, to celebrate the Winter Solstice. For Christmas and New Year's we'll be in Buenos Aires where we're housesitting (and catsitting!) for three glorious weeks, during which I expect highlights to include unpacking for more than three hours, and cooking.

That is, unless someone wants to buy us a trip to Antarctica for Christmas. We're flexible.

More pics on Flickr.


Elizabeth said...

Sounds amazing. I loved Ushuaia so much! The penguins! Also, I'm putting in a good word from Cruz del Sur if you're taking the hostel route. The owners were wonderful and it was very cute, at least in 2002.

Curly V said...

Sounds amazing. I especially love the idea of it being light until after 10 pm. Can't wait to hear about Ushuaia. Do you think Santa summers in Antarctica? Maybe you can bake cookies for him and then he'll give you a ticket and you can stay at his beach house there on the ice cap!