Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Like Riding a Bike

This afternoon, K-Dog (the girl, not to be confused with K-Dog the boy) called me to see if I wanted to go for a bike ride after work.

I literally haven't ridden my bike in over a year. No, really. Last year it spent most of the season languishing in the basement. A few weeks ago I finally took it to Dixon's for a tune-up, so it was road-ready, but I hadn't taken it out yet. I didn't have any meetings, and could leave work at a reasonable hour, so figured, what the heck?

It was awesome! All those cycling classes I took this spring at The Gym with triathlete and cycling coach extraordinaire Dianna really paid off. The marathon training probably doesn't hurt, either. We rode 4 loops of Prospect Park, for a total of 13.6 miles. Even the hill didn't suck as much as I remember.

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting a guy from work to run a loop of the park.

This weekend, I'll be in Wisconsin visiting my godson Griffin. Their neighbourhood is very hilly, so I'm looking forward to a good simulation of the San Francisco course!

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