Thursday, January 25, 2007

MAXIMum Embarrassment

Yesterday morning when I arrived at work, there was a magazine (face-down) on my desk. On the magazine was a post-it note which read, "This was delivered to our building by mistake," and signed by one of our developers.

I turned it over, and it was the latest issue of Maxim. (I have no idea if that link is SFW; the cover of the magazine certainly wasn't.) Oh, and my name was on the address label.

Last year I bought something online and got one of those offers for a free (or super cheap) magazine subscription. As a joke, and because I like to keep abreast (literally) of what's in vogue in frat houses, I subscribed to Maxim.

Turns out the guy who brought it in lives a few doors down from me and apparently, of all things, that piece of mail was misdelivered. I love ya, USPS, but, ouch. This one's going to hurt our relationship.


Lisa said...

ohhhhh gillian! haha thats hilare and sooo awkward!

Anonymous said...

You'd think that since he just lives a few doors down, he could just go down a few doors and deposit it there instead of on your desk. You should be thankful. At least your Penthouse and Hustler magazines have been getting delivered to the right address.

I'm pretty sure that you need to print a fake mailing label and do a delivery correction for your kind neighbor. Do it with something equally embarrassing! How about a quilting magazine or some renaissance faire deal?

Actually, I hear that Erectile Dysfunction Monthly is having a subscription sale. Maybe he'd like to be subscribed to it at work!

Brianna said...

the Dr.'s suggestion is awesome -- you must execute it! Cat Fancy Magazine is always hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find a link to anything like E. D. Monthly. Maybe their subscription sale has ended. How about Cosmo Girl? Just $8 for 10 issues worth of embarrassment! I dare you with both of my brains! Don't get mad -- get even!