Saturday, July 21, 2007


Here's a list of the sh*t I'm supposed to get done tonight:

1. Make a logo/signage for Dos' business.

2. Design the CD label/packaging for Jillian's upcoming show (that's August 1 at the Hope Lounge in Williamsburg).

3. Bake a delicious cake for Gigi's birthday.

4. Learn PHP.

Instead, I'm blogging (lucky you!) - oh, and as I was leaving the office this afternoon, a certain book that I'd pre-ordered was blocking the door. So maybe I'll get all that other stuff done later tomorrow.

I leave you with the lovely Miss Memphis, who seems to be feeling much better these days:


Lisa said...

Dear Memph- we are going to be best friends. The End

Our Heads Are Helmets said...

Ah, G, you're awesome. Not only do you force me to take myself seriously, but you also plug my music site and my show. CD sleeves won't arrive until Wednesday, so please, if you need to bump something off your list for a day or two, bump my stuff, ok? This is all supposed to be super duper fun!

Miss A said...

I just LOVE looking at your cat. Soooo pretty!