Friday, February 01, 2008

Canadianisms, Part the Fifth

On my recent voyage to Canadia, a few more Canadianisms occurred to me.

1. Shortening of "afternoon" to "aft," as in, "There's supposed to be a snowstorm this aft." I even heard a radio dude do it!

2. Getting in "heck" as the equivalent of getting in "trouble": "If I don't get the car home before the snowstorm this aft, I'm going go to get in heck." It's very wholesome, which makes me wonder if it might also be a Midwestern US expression. Anyone?

3. The Ceasar, a cocktail similar to a Bloody Mary but made with Clamato which is popular in Canada - in fact, according to Wikipedia, it's "popularly known as the 'official cocktail' of Canada." It's also quite delicious, and I highly recommend that my American readers mix one up. Usage: "If that kid doesn't get the car home before the snowstorm this aft, he is going to be in a lot of heck. Will you mix me a Ceasar?"

I'm back in the US of A, celebrating my final day of unemployment with a hangover. I bid farewell to HBJ with a few (OK, 4) glasses of red wine and I'm now welcoming HBF and, inspired by Deniser, I'm making 2008 the Year of the 140s. I haven't seen the 140s probably since high school, so it's going to be some good times.


Brianna said...

I want to be put on record as officially against HBF-- at this rate you'll never go out drinking with me ever again. (i was looking forward to the Year of 40s, you're off by 100).

(and really who are you trying to fool? the superbowl in in two days.)

SparklyD said...

We can do it! I had my big MedCan yesterday and they freakin' made me eat breakfast and drink water 10 mins before the weighing. I was so mad. I was 153 vs 152 in 2007. Feck. On to the 140s...for real!

Candace said...

Get in 'heck' - not a Midwestern expression that I know of at least. It does sound nicely wholesome.

Good luck today, I'm excited for you!