Friday, February 29, 2008

Things I Do To Avoid Packing: Redux

Six months ago.

This morning:

7am: Wake up by mistake. Try to go back to sleep.
7:12am: Tell cat to shut up.
7:14am: Sufficiently annoyed by cat, get up to go to the bathroom.
7:19am: Reset 8am alarm for 8:20.
8:20am: Turn off alarm.
9am: Meet friend for coffee.
10:10am: Come home. Feed cat; eat yogurt.
10:33am: Frame picture.
10:45am: Take Scrabulous turns.
10:57am: Start a game of Chain Factor.
11:22am: End Chain factor at a disappointing 149,000 points. Check Scrabulous. Bingo with SEATING. Feel better about self.
11:23am: Think about stuff.
11:40am: Pack a box.

Dear Internet: Please come to my house and pack my stuff. Love, Gillian

P.S. Please also bring supplies. So far today I have eaten: yogurt & granola, a cup-a-soup, and a chocolate letter G.


Elizabeth said...

The chocolate G sounds very satisfying.

montague said...

and now your blogging? you are the procrastinator queen. how was PR???

S said...

Packing? Going away somewhere are we? Richie!

(Did I do it right? Did I?)