Tuesday, February 19, 2008

On My Mind

1. The 50mm lens I ordered from eBay this morning so that I can take pictures like this. Eventually.

2. Packing. Going to Puerto Rico this weekend to avoid packing. Packing for Puerto Rico. [Boo.]

3. Ways to start a scene in improv. This one plagues me. I love the improv class, but I have to tell you, whenever it's my turn to start a scene I break into a sweat. I have some ideas this week, including:

- Rifling through clothing racks and saying, "You know, Roberta, sometimes you can find really great deals at Goodwill."
- "Chad, thank you so much for getting us a room at the Holiday Inn Express for our tenth anniversary!"

[Chad: No offense.]
[Mike: You didn't see this, and tomorrow night my ideas are ALL NEW.]

4. Avoiding the jars of deliciousness at work.


montague said...

thanks for the photo love! can't wait to see your pics.
have fun in PR!

Lisa said...

Gggggg noooooooo, you caaaaant plan ahead. you might get away with it but you're cheating yourself! beeelieeeve in yourself, girl! you'll form terrible habits!

Gillian said...

OK! I won't use them. I promise. I will be inspired and improvise.

Now I'm sweating again.

miketheman said...

See what? I'm blind.

You should really come to a Tuesday night Harold Night and see five teams and how they work the "inspiration for a new scene" thing.
They all do it a little differently, and it's amazing to see it all come together.
"Always be changed by what is said to you/happening around you." - use that to your advantage. It will eventually come naturally.

What our teacher has said a couple times already - Don't think. Just act. Your first instinct is usually the best one.

See you later!

Anonymous said...

You'll have great fun with that lens. I've been playing with the 50mm that gillicious was referring to -- with some decent results. Just no high-speed shots of the kids yet. Well, I could just suggest that I was soused through their entire childhood and therefore my world was blurry, and... oh, nevermind. :)