Saturday, April 18, 2009

El Mejor Estudiante De La Clase

Since we started Spanish classes four weeks ago (minus a weeklong Easter holiday), our class size has dwindled: The first week, there were eight students, and the second week we were down to five. We started this week with only three, but the third student was only in class on Monday and so for the rest of the week Ken and I had Alejandro all to ourselves. We both, but especially Ken, became much more comfortable speaking in such a small group.

To mark the end of our third week of classes, yesterday we had our first exam. I've been (very gently) teasing Ken all week for making flash cards for his iPhone, and generally nerding out about (read: studying for) the test, but guess who got perfect?

¡BRAVO! indeed! ¡QuĂ© bellisimo! I got 88, and next time I'm going to give him a run for his dineros.


K said...

Actually, dinero is singular.

Lisa said...

That Ken! What a card!