Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Imminent Downfall

A couple of weeks ago, Ken and I passed by a restaurant/bar on the busy corner of Santa Fe and Juan B. Justo, about a 15 minute walk from our apartment. We were captivated by the outside counter with its window looking into the kitchen and three little stools, on one of which sat a guy drinking a litre of Quilmes under a sign advertising choripán for 4 pesos. Ken expressed our mutual sentiment best when he said, "I want to go to there." Moments later, we too were sitting at the window, doing our Spanish homework and enjoying a 10-peso litre of beer served by a sexy porteña. We've been back a few times since, and now when we walk in, our lovely porteña brings over our beer and two frosty mugs without us uttering even a word of broken Spanish. We don't even know if the restaurant has a name - we just call it the place on the esquina (corner).

When we stopped in tonight after school I noticed one of the guys working there was making a sign that read, "Lunes-Jueves, Quilmes 4x1." I immediately reported the sighting to Ken.

G: Do you think it could really be? 4 for 1 beer?
K: Four days per week? That's insane.
G: I know, but that's what the sign said! Go look at it.

He went to the washroom and came back a few minutes later.

K: Yeah. That's what it says.
G: So... that would be 4 litres of beer for 10 pesos? That's better than the grocery store.
K: Yes. It's better than the grocery store.
G: And someone serves it to you in frosty glasses, AND you get peanuts?
K: Wait, that's insane. That's like... 4 litres of beer for under $3. That's 70¢ per litre. That's 35¢ per pint.
G: ...Go ask them if that's what it really means.

A few persuasive words later he went to ask if the deal really was that good.

K: So... I think it means 4 for 1. Litres.
G: Four litres. For 10 pesos. Are you sure?
K: Well, I asked, "Four of what?" And she said litres. And the guy looked at me like, "Yeah, it's nuts right? But that's what it is."
G: This place just got four times better!
K: Too bad we didn't know about this deal when Frenchy and Dutchy were here. We would have saved a lot of money.
G: Or been a lot drunker.

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