Monday, April 27, 2009

That Cat Sure Can Type

Memphis here---sending you an update on the state of the union. I'm getting along quite well except for those confounded DOGS. They really don't go after me it's just that I can't help swatting at them if they come anywhere near and then that little brat Duke really goes after me. Oh well it adds a little spice to the day. Otherwise things are going along tickety boom. Get fed in time, poop tray cleaned times two per day, played with on the chair, threatened with a swat if I try to push my way out the door, brushed every day. [don't know where this different type came from but it's kinda purdy] S is very chuffed re having wheels and is enjoying every minute. So my dears I gotta go and see if I can figure out how to send this epistle to you. love you and miss you MEMPHIS

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P.S. These Memphis updates are my favourite thing ever.

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