Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh, Hello, Doctor

I admit it: On the weekend I was having a hard time seeing anything resembling a bright side. I sort of intellectually knew one was there, but after a week and a half of not walking, not to mention the dignity one loses every time she utters the words, "Can you please help me put on my underwear?" - well, you get the idea. Anyway, on Saturday night I pulled myself together enough to go to one of the two bars in Buenos Aires showing NFL football, hoisted my leg up on an extra chair, and drank a few half-pints of beer (pacing!). At some point I started talking to an American guy sitting at the table next to us. I learned that his Argentine friend, also at the table, had had ACL reconstruction six months before, and had a surgeon he really liked. Score!

The next day I Googled said surgeon and found an email address for him. I wrote him a note explaining my situation and asking how I could best schedule an appointment with him. Amazingly, he replied that evening to tell me he could meet me at 5 p.m. on Monday. I wrote back to ask him if he speaks English, because while our mad Spanish skillz enable us to telephone-order pizza, we're not quite at the level of discussing soft tissue repair. Happily, he does.

We went to meet the good doctor this afternoon. He looks like Anthony Bourdain, and on Friday night he's going to see Metallica! I think I have a crush. He showed us some informative-yet-slightly-nauseating diagrams of how the surgery will go, and on Thursday he's going to fix my knee. I'll spend the night in the hospital (fingers crossed for dulce de leche-flavoured Jell-O), and on Friday my mom's coming! Hooray!

I don't think we'll make it to the Metallica show, though. Next time.


CurlyV said...

You've just proven why I totally believe in miracles!
Go Dr. Metallica!!

Our Heads Are Helmets said...

hang in there, g -- you're being so strong!

the other other gillian said...

Ah, cool, lots of (G/J)illians in this conversation.

It's a shame it's the *left* knee, because of it were the right we could be right knee ACL reconstruction twins. But since it's the left, we have nothing in common.

Good luck with the surgery, I wish I could send you timbits to recover.

polly said...

G!!!!! Oh my goodness! I'm sorry to hear that knee is actin up on ya. ; ( Chin up...I wanna hear how it all goes. Wish I was there to help ya heal. Kisses and hugs. kisses kisses kisses.


montague said...

thinking good thoughts for you and that knee of yours! i am sure you will be back up and at it in no time!

kajal said...

picture of him!