Monday, June 25, 2007

Dear Diary:

I did a lot of fun stuff this past weekend:

1. I went on a concert cruise with Brianna & Lisa. We saw a Canadian band call The Weakerthans who have a song called "I Hate Winnipeg," which is hilare. Good times were had by all.

2. I went to Coney Island's annual Mermaid Parade (crazily enough, if you Google "mermaid parade" the second image result is my beautiful friend Monica, when she attended the parade in 2004). I saw some nice boobies!

3. We had a rooftop BBQ Chez DLang to celebrate my birthday. Living as long as Christ is apparently the last major birthday milestone until I start getting seniors' discounts at Kmart. The weather was perfect and the delicious chocolate cake (from the Bakery Formerly Known As Two Little Red Hens) had a big orange G on it!

4. I went to Kari's birthday brunch at Miriam and enjoyed my first Shakshuka (Marc, I'm expecting a comment for that link).

5. I baked a wedding cake redux/anniversary cake, and delivered it to my old 'hood, where I then enjoyed a delicious dosa.

6. I decided that Keith Mars is catching up with Sandy Cohen as my fantasy dad.

After all that, this is still all I can muster as a blog post. Thank god for RSS, or you guys would be outta here.



Brianna said...

look lady Keith is sweet and all but no one beats out Eyebrows.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm ashkenazi. I've got no idea what a shakshuka thing is.

Everything we eat is bland and beige, except for the things that are salty and pink.

themikestand said...

I think I'm with bri on this one. You've gone full-spectrum on the facial hair, here, possibly out of an unspoken desire to achieve folliclequality (you like how I did that?).

Also, a broader question on this fantasy dad thing... how does one get nominated? Perhaps I'll have to start my own youtube/facebook group of fantasy dads.

Rich DiGirolamo, RECESSitator said...
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