Saturday, June 09, 2007

My Point of View

I've been digging the HSBC "Your Point of View" ad campaign for a while, especially the print ads which are in airports everywhere. An exceptionally thought-provoking exercise in a recent therapy session inspired me to create my own series of these ads, for me, based on my own often conflicting points-of-view about the same idea.

Here's the first in the series; let me know what you think!


Lisa said...

I love this idea! Do the triathlon swimmer one next.

These ads just make me think... but whats cool is that instead of pushing me back and forth on where I stand on things, it helps me create solid, unwaivering opinions.

My vote here goes to the dark dress girl as confident (for me, not for everyone.)

kajal said...

I love these ads. One favourite (note spelling as I am on a Canadian blog) is the henna/tattoo one. It's truly one of those that makes me unable to decide. Sort of like this one -- If you feel good rocking that black outfit you better damn well be confident. On the other hand, some married girls are the biggest insecure sad people I know. Others are awesome (I include myself here, although I have insecurities like everyone...but that's not why I got married). Anyway, I have nothing of substance to say except that I like this post.

Anonymous said...

Since I'm in the boondocks I hadn't seen those ads, I followed the link and really like them too.

I think I vote for "no correlation" on this one, though.