Wednesday, June 20, 2007

First Time's Free

In case you're behind in your blogroll, please take note of Miss Brianna's recent intarweb fame. A couple of sites linked to her rant about United Airlines (with whom, incidentally, I flew last Friday night without incident). Linking to her blog is all the rage. Everyone's doing it!

Well, friends, Bri isn't the only celebrity around here! In a shining example of the power of the internets, after my recent brush with death a dude who writes a firefighting blog Flickr-mailed me to find out if he could use one of my awesome pictures on his site. And recently, Mike had nothing better to do and threw me a link.

The hits just keep on coming.


Garth said...

How do you know who's linking to you? Just by looking at referrals or is there some other uber-blogging tool that you've been keeping from me?

Brianna said...

I resent being categorized as fluff.

Thanks for the linky goodness :)

Gillian said...

Dos - yeah, just by referrals on sitemeter. Most of UFF traffic is generated by my old Vanna White post. She is popular!

Bri - Fluff is the best category. Mmm... fluffernutters.