Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Why I'm Weird

Kajal recently blogged that she likes being touched, for example, being frisked at the airport. While I knew that I like being touched (as many of you know, I'm particularly fond of hugs - the real ones with chest-on-chest action, none of that lean-in nonsense), it hadn't even occurred to me that I like being frisked at the airport, but I totally do!

Anyway, I mentioned this to Bri who asked me if that's the weirdest thing about me (that I could think of at that exact moment). I thought for a second and came up with something that's probably weirder and definitely grosser: I like blowing my nose (or sneezing) in the shower.

Internet? What's the weirdest/grossest thing YOU like?


Lisa said...

so like, you blow your nose on your hand? gross me out of town!

I can't think of anything weird/gross that compares at all! (cop out)

Gillian said...

Totally. I used to reach for a Kleenex, then try to keep the Kleenex dry (impossible, because my hands were wet), then try to get the wet Kleenex to absorb any snot. It didn't work. Then I figured that I'm in the shower and have access to lots of soap and water! Try it, you'll like it.

Becca & Brian said...

I have one:

Whenever I pee, my eyes cry. When I come out of bathroom, I look like I went in there to bawl about something. Nope, just had to pee - been this way since I was a kid.

Not really gross, but definitely weird.

kajal said...

I like to blow my nose in the shower too.

Candace said...

I *love* doing my taxes. Like, I look forward to it and set up my turbotax account early and get all excited that all the forms will be here by the end of January.

Michael said...

I have this really weird thing where I like to read other people's admissions of behavioral oddities because it makes me feel good about myself. Like when people write: "I blow my nose in the shower", I'm all like, "hahahaha suckers". Why don't you use your roommate's pillow like everyone else? And then it makes me feel normal.. and happy.

Seriously though.... I blow my nose in the shower, but I hate being frisked because it reminds me of crossing borders which is a _massive_ fear of mine.

Other than that, there is not a single thing that I can admit about myself that any collection of people would find even mildly out of the ordinary ;)

Oh! I'd rather be counting and rolling change than doing most of anything in the world? Everyone likes doing that though.. don't they?

SparklyD said...

OK so I've been searching for weird ongoing behaviour, but I can only think of weird one-time incidents:

1) One day I got curious and also wanted to get a rise out of my mum so I tried one piece of every type of dog treat my dog Winston partakes in.

2) One time I had a date coming p and accidentally ate a piece of onion. I was taking a shower before the date and attempted to get rid of the taste by rinsing my mouth with body wash.

3) Say I'm in a store and I'm examining an item to see if I want to buy it. If I decide I do want it, I always put the item I've handled back on the shelf and take a brand new one from back behind all the others. It just seems newer that way... :)