Friday, June 26, 2009

Fruit of the Day: Abacate

Today's fruit is one that will be familiar if you've ever been to a Mexican restaurant or attended a Super Bowl party. But have you ever seen an avocado with a 14" girth?

My favourite way to eat avocado is with some salt and a spoon, and I make a mean guacamole, if I do say so myself. But Brazilians like things sweet, including avocados, and you know my stance on "When in Rome..." So, we added some lime juice and sugar and transformed this gigantic fruit into creme de abacate, or avocado cream, following the recipe on Maria-Brazil.

The lime juice wasn't such a stretch since I put that in guac anyway, but it pained me a little to mix in the sugar. In the end, we sprinkled a bit of salt on top, and it wasn't bad at all.
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