Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fruit of the Day: Laranja Bahía

Do you know why the cover of R.E.M.'s album "Green" is orange?

It's because green and orange are inverse colours, and if you stare at something orange for a while then close your eyes, or look at a white surface, you'll see green.

What happens if you stare at something green for a while?

I'll give you a hint: laranja is Portuguese for orange, and these are laranjas Bahía, or Bahían oranges. They're also called laranja peras, which means orange pears. Guess what's inside!

The laranja Bahía isn't the most amazing orange I've ever eaten - it's a little bit dry, not all that sweet, and doesn't have a super-strong orange flavour. But I love this fruit, because it's oh-so-pretty and orange.
UFF Fruit Rating:

P.S. The yellow melon blended with strawberry pulp was really pretty but not quite sweet enough. We still have half the melon left, and tomorrow we'll try it with a few chunks of pineapple and maybe some yogurt. Stay tuned...

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