Saturday, June 20, 2009


I like Salvador.

It's easy here. I've been wearing flip-flops around because it's impossible to walk fast in flip-flops, and also, everyone's sporting a pair of Havaianas here, when they're wearing shoes at all. When in Rome, you know. I don't speak any Portuguese except to say thank you, and it doesn't matter, because everyone is smiling and patient and happy. I suspect that living in a place with a daily high around 25°C in the winter will do that to a person.

Today's FotD is the manga rosa (pink mango). I'm sure you recognize her! I was kind of hoping that this mango would be pink inside, but it looks a lot like its cousin, if only slightly smaller. It cost less than 50¢, and was everything I want in a mango: colourful, sweet, and oh-so-juicy. I could eat one of these every day, and in fact, I probably will while we're here!
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mersal said...

I love mangos! Looks delish!

kajal said...

I heart your fruit of the day posts. Let it be known that my FAVORITE word in Portuguese is abacaxi (sp?). I learned the whole language in college and then forgot it. But I remember the abacaxi (pineapple, but I'm certain you know that by now). Also, many indian uncle type people nickame "kajal" into "caju" and it is also a cashew in india. I think you'll now think of me often when eating these fruits.