Monday, June 29, 2009

They Call Me Yellow Melon

Our Fruit of the Day today is melão amarelo, which literally translates as yellow melon. We found the yellow melon in an exciting section of the grocery store, tucked in between the guava and the passion fruit. And it is indeed a lovely shade of yellow.

In a race against the waning daylight, I cut the melon open to find a pale green fruit that looks and feels like a cucumber, and tastes a lot like an under-ripe honeydew melon. Maybe we picked a yellow melon that wasn't quite ready for prime time, or maybe it's just a super-mild fruit, but either way, we were underwhelmed. We'll blend it with some frozen strawberry pulp tomorrow morning and see if that doesn't perk it up a little.
UFF Fruit Rating:


Candace said...

You could compile these photos into a book. Just beautiful.

montague said...

shucks! i love melon... i bet you the next one will be riper and tastier!

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