Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Gillian's Head

Remember the TV show Herman's Head? I only saw a couple of episodes, mostly because my brother *loved* it. Every time the main character (Herman) had to make an important decision, actors representing his emotions would weigh in.

That's how my head is working today. The internal dialogue is so present that it's like there are people standing around me giving me advice and ideas and telling me how I feel, and none of them can agree on any of it. Fuckers.

Take this morning:

Genius: We're awake, but we're not going to look at the clock because then we'll have a better chance at falling back asleep.
Wimp: Crap! We saw the clock. It's 6:30. Our alarm is going off in an hour. There's no way we can fall asleep before then!
Animal: Feh. We're just going to get up now.
Genius: Why don't we just reset the alarm clock to 8:30?
Wimp: We'll never get to work by 9:30! We have a meeting!
Angel: It's OK. We need to sleep. People at work will understand.

And so on like that, all day. I'm often aware of this dialogue, but when these guys are all bickery, decisions take a lot longer (and are ultimately a lot less certain). I'm going to put them to bed early tonight and maybe they'll be a little more agreeable tomorrow.

(Adventures in "baking" have been postponed until Thursday.)

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Brianna said...

I cannot look at the clock during sleeping hours without being distracted into wakefulness. it could be 2:15am and my first thought is "crap only 5 hours left." It's worse as wake up tome nears if i wake-up within 30 mins of the time i should get up i have this debate with myself called "why even bother you lazy ho? get the fuck out of bed already."