Wednesday, November 15, 2006


After half a dozen attempts to write an entry about inspiration, I'm going to just admit to feeling uninspired and instead write a P.S. to the other entries I've written so far this month. Inpsiration will be here any day now! Check back early and often.

P.S. Brianna is my sister-wife.

P.S. You're all invited.

P.S. Despite the block, I managed to eke out three full paragraphs!

P.S. Folding all that butter into the dough was really, really fun.

P.S. I froze a few croissants and they're even awesome reheated.

P.S. My Christmas shopping is going to be way more fun this year, too.

P.S. The next Yoga Journal article I received was about Personal Dharma, and, Hi Yoga Journal! I know you can see me right now!

P.S. I also failed to post on November 8, which means I failed the challenge (but I'm still going to update daily for as long as I can, even if it's with filler (like this entry)).

P.S. Target.

P.S. The Nike and Dove "real women" ads are awesome.

P.S. Pretty good list, eh?

P.S. Feelings are irrational, too.

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