Friday, November 10, 2006

Whiskers on Kittens

A few of my favourite things:

  1. Memphis. She's big, orange, amazingly soft, loves people, plays with ribbons, and purrs almost constantly. The only exception to her perfectness is her habit of waking us up at 6:30am to be fed, which DLang usually handles (thanks babe!) so I can't even complain too much about that.

  2. The United States Postal Service. I *heart* USPS. From self-adhesive postage stamps to Saturday mail to online label printing, items related to the USPS dominated my USA-list when I was deciding whether to move to the States. Sorry Canada Post. USPS #1!

  3. Geeks. Geek stuff. I still haven't decided what I want to be when I grow up, but I'm definitely happiest when I'm around people who make jokes using regular expressions. W00t! (Last summer I spent a lot of time hanging out with chefs, and I might be equally enamoured with people who make jokes about truffles.)

  4. Awesome stationery. Yesterday I saw these Christmas cards in a store window, and even though I have about 16 boxes of holiday cards at home that I bought on sale last year, these are the absolute most perfect Christmas cards I've ever seen and I'm totally buying them, and now that you've seen them, too, your little fingers will be aquiver with excitement when you receive your card from me this year.

  5. Photoshop. Just look what this amazing piece of software can do.

  6. Web 2.0.

  7. Cookies. All things cookies, really: Baking them, eating them, looking at them, reading about them.

  8. Scrabble. Also: Winning at Scrabble.

  9. Things that are orange.

  10. Cheering. I'm pretty sure that if we as a population cheered for each other more, we'd all be a lot happier. I would also like to see the use of theme songs at work. My idea is, you'd select a theme song, and when you arrive to work in the morning, your Bluetooth-enabled device would cue-up an MP3 player. When you get off the elevator at your floor, your song is playing either until you login to your computer, or until the next person arrives - whichever happens first.

  11. Laughing out loud. Reference: This Onion article.

  12. Glue sticks.

  13. Answering the phone. Really. I love that it's a surprise. For this very reason, I won't get Caller ID. Call me!

1 comment:

Brianna said...

I so want the theme song thing! Every time i go to a baseball game I'm jealous of the batters who get to have a theme song playing when the come up to bat.

Also: you are the best cheering section in the world.