Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Because It's Summer Somewhere

Back in mid-February after a particularly grueling week of freezing temps in the NYC, I announced to Ken that I'd had enough of winter.

He gently reminded me that I'd signed up for another one, in the Southern Hemisphere, at which point we pulled up a map of South America and decided that we would head north to Salvador, Brazil, for the winter. (Really, it's colder in Buenos Aires now: 55°F/12°C during the day, and often close to freezing at night. Great for running, but so is the beach, right?)

Not a moment too soon, either, as on Monday we learned that you can order ice cream and have it delivered to your doorstep in about 20 minutes. That is all kinds of dangerous.


WTWTG said...

what? are u moving again?

ps. Did u ever check out Martinez(?) Thats where I lived when I was 10yrs old. My bros, sisters and I all went to Lincoln Elem and HS there, an American school.

~ali said...

i love the new UFF banner!

Adam Wishneusky said...

how long are you going to be in Brazil?