Saturday, September 23, 2006

I was planning to run 18 miles...

But instead, I ran 20!

Yes, really.

Look how happy I am after running 20 miles! Doesn't this make you want to run 20 miles?

We met this morning at Coach Lisa's in Bay Ridge. Lisa was already in Prospect Park to send off a group of next season's TNTers on their training run, so her husband Clark let us in and was quite a gracious host! By the time the whole group (there were about 20 of us) had gathered in Lisa's living room, she was back from PP, and gave us instructions for the morning's run.

I headed out with two runningmates, Rebecca and Lesley. They were superfun to run with, and we were cracking each other up within 3 miles. We picked up another girl along the way who's training for the NYC Marathon by herself, and I think she was glad to have the company for the run.

We ran down the Brooklyn greenway, under the beautiful Verrazano Bridge, to Coney Island, where I learned that Rebecca & Lesley were planning to do 20 miles. I felt pretty good, and it didn't take much convincing at that point to get me to add on the extra 2 miles.

The weather was awesome for running - it rained on the way out, but was nice and cool and overcast on the way back. When we made it back to Lisa's (20 miles later - did I mention that?), Clark had purveyed bagels and all the fixin's for us hardcore marathoners. Thanks, Clark!

I feel surprisingly energetic now, which is good since I cleverly volunteered to bake delicious cupcakes for an engagement party we're going to tonight. On to buttercream!

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Anonymous said...

"Look how happy I am after running 20 miles! Doesn't this make you want to run 20 miles?"

Ok, just letting you know that when I read this I completely cracked up =)