Saturday, September 09, 2006

Some Like It Hot

I, however, do not.

This morning we met in Prospect Park at 8am. I'd been calculating how many times I'd have to run around the 3.4 mile loop of the park to get enough mileage, and was very grateful when Coach Vanessa announced that we'd be takin' it to the streets instead. We ran the same Brooklyn Bridge route that we'd done a few weeks ago. Last time, I turned around at 14th St. in Manhattan for a total of 14 miles. This time I kept going up to 34th St. for a total of 16 miles. I felt pretty good until maybe the last mile, at which point the heat was kind of getting to me. I'm glad I'm running my first marathon in San Francisco in October!

Food: 1/2 a Clif bar (pre-run), Espresso Love Gu (how I love thee, Espresso Love) 1 hour in, Vanilla Bean Gu (not so much) 2 hours in.

Post-run: the remainder of the Clif bar, a fruit smoothie, one scrambled egg.

Much to my chagrin, I've gained about 6 pounds since I started training (totally my own food-loving fault). I'm trying to get that off now, because it turns out that running is a lot more fun when you weigh less.


Chad R West said...


Great reference!

I was under the impression you had to be at least one of the following to really know about Rush:

1) Hockey loving, Molsen drinking Canook

2) The same as #1, but from Western NY (because we aspire to be like our friends from Strange Brew, eh hoser?)

3) A mad percussionist who idolizes Neil Peart

NOTE: Growing up I was two out of the three. And since I lived about an hour from the border, and spent much of my pre-legal drinking days making the trip to the clubs. I feel I should be considered an honorary Canadian as well! :)

Chad R West said...

Btw, Gillian...

I have to agree Espresso Love is the best flavor they have, with Chocolate Outrage in close second.

A couple weeks back I forgot to bring some on a 50M ride in Tahoe, so we had to stop at a bike shop on route. They only had Cliff Shots "non-flavor" in stock. I'll tell you right now that crap is awful! It turned to liquid and tasted like super sweet cherry cough syrup. I had a real hard time getting it down and wasted a ton of water to chase it.


Gillian said...

Chad - you are definitely an honourary Canadian, we're happy to have you! (But you'll have to learn to spell "Molson.")

And DLang MARRIED #1, and is a Bills fan so he kind of qualifies for #2. Not bad, eh? :-)