Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Yoga Bliss

Last night I attended Beth's Hatha yoga class. It was delicious. One thing she talked about was observing how you feel instead of trying to figure out how you should feel. It reminded me of this article about mental training for a marathon. From the article:

Association refers to running where your mind is focused on the body and you are intentionally concentrating on physical sensations.

Dis-association refers to running where your mind is focused either on external stimuli or internal distractions.

Yoga is definitely the former, and association is the practice I've found most effective lately in my long runs. Being in the moment, and enjoying the run. Noticing the physical sensations, just taking stock of any discomfort or changes in my breathing and observing how that feels. Writing this, I realize that I really enjoy running!

(DLang reminds me sometimes that one of the first things I told him after we met was that I hate running!)

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