Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mmm... Yoga

Last night DLang and I went to a yoga class together. Turned out we were the only ones there, so we were delighted to have a private session with yoga instructor Beth. 90 minutes of sun salutations and delicious stretching and centering prepared me for an excellent sleep. I'm off to embark on my longest run yet this morning!

Speaking of yoga, I've decided to offer classes as part of my fundraising efforts. This blurb will be included in next week's TNT fundraising email:

Gillian is a newly-minted Prana Yoga teacher and is offering yoga classes as part of her TNT fundraising efforts for the Nike Marathon.

Classes will be at a beginner level, and will focus specifically on recovery postures for runners, as well as relaxation and breathing. This is the perfect cross-training or off-day activity, and is a great way to augment your post-run stretching!

Cost: $25 for a private one-hour session, $40 for a semi-private (2 people) one-hour session. All proceeds to TNT.

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