Monday, September 18, 2006

Upside Down!

Finally, a report from my first handstands class.

In summary, it was awesome.

There are about 15 people in the class, mostly women. We started with a warmup that involved moving around the room and getting to know the space. Shortly after that, we were upside down! Seriously, we were doing handstands (against a wall) within about 15 minutes of the class starting. After that, we worked in groups of 3 to kick up into an assisted handstand. I pretty much sucked at that but the two women I was working with were really great at assisting me. Later, we did some abdominal work (Pilates-type stuff) and then, yes, more handstands. We practiced jumping, and different types of kicking up into a handstand. We did shoulder strengthening and stretches as well.

I hugely loved the class. It's amazing to have a group of adults together for 90 minutes, just playing! I can't wait for this Thursday.

In other news, my aspirations to run in Toronto this past weekend were thwarted by a really great wedding on Saturday night (congratulations Jim & Julie!). Back in the swing this week as I increase mileage and start the countdown to M-Day!

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