Thursday, September 07, 2006

Runner and Race Director

Last night I ran in the 2nd Annual WGen Back-to-School 5k Brooklyn Fun Run, which I also organized! Last year we had the run on a Saturday morning, and it was a loop of Prospect Park. There were about half a dozen participants, including a couple of significant others.

This year, because of our fabulous new office location in DUMBO, we opted for a 5k run across the Brooklyn Bridge (aside: I *so* love that USATF Google Maps site!).

Several co-workers and I donned sneakers and our very patriotic orange and blue t-shirts and shorts and headed across the bridge. It was a beautiful evening, and everyone made it back for post-race carbs (in the form of beer) at Water Street Restaurant.

Props to all the Genners who represented our athletic side last night: John, Doug, Leslie, Jacklyn, Paul, Kate, Max, Joe, Giselle, Jillian, and Crystal.

Despite the overall fabulousness of our new office, it doesn't have a gym (er, The Gym) in the building, so I've been much lazier about activity during the day. Doing the run across the bridge last night gave me the idea that I could pretty easily do that on my lunch break, especially since the fabulousness of this office includes 2 showers.

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