Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Spirit

I really wanted to write about the Holidailies prompt for today, but then Christmas exploded on my dining room table and I kind of need to do something about that before I jet off to Toronto on Thursday morning. In an attempt to post before midnight, here are the day's highlights.

First stop: Barnes & Noble:

"Do you have a Barnes & Noble Card?"
"Would you like one?"
"No, thank you."
"You'd save 20% off of these hardcover books" [gestures] "and 10% off the rest."
"No, thanks."
"Would you like to know how much you would have saved if you had a card?"
[Scans books.] "$20."
"Oh. Actually, can you hold these books for about an hour? I have some other shopping to do and I don't want to carry them around." Read: My husband's business partner has a B&N card and I'm going to swing by their office and borrow it so I can save the 20 bucks.
Next stop: Lucky Jeans.
"I need some help."
"Sure, what are you looking for?"
"A new pair of jeans. Let me be honest with you. I'm 5'8" and 160lbs, and I don't want skinny jeans. Can you help me?"
"You're funny. And, yes." And, she rocked it. Awesomely, Lucky Brand jeans come with a fortune in the pocket!
Much of the rest of the day was spent wrapping presents. I cheated on my boyfriend by shipping some stuff via UPS, but, hey, all's fair in love and Christmas shipping. I am now in the midst of packaging up 40 (yes, 40) takeout boxes' worth of Christmas cookies for my lucky co-workers.
Merry Christmas!

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