Sunday, December 03, 2006

Happy Holidailies!

It appears that at least a couple of people have stumbled on UFF from Holidailies. Without further ado, here is a totally cheap intro to this blog (format plagarized from The Write Coast, another Holidailies participant).

Sunday Meme: Finish the sentence

I’m always: a redhead.

I say too often: "That's so awesome!"

I think flowers are: an awesome (hee) gift, especially cut flowers, because their entire purpose is to make someone happy.

My favorite Beatles song is: "Octopus's Garden"

My parents are: women.

I hate: raisins in stuffing.

I love: daisies, good red wine, and things that are orange.

I was born: on the first day of Summer!

Sometimes I try too hard: .

I work well on things: with other people.

My childhood was: happier before I went to therapy. (It's true.)

I love to read books about: people.

I’m addicted to: the bean.

I drink too much: of the bean.

My earliest memory is: standing up in my crib and saying, "Hello, World!" (which my mom says I did every morning).

The last place I went on vacation was: Connecticut.

I think living far away from: most of my family is probably a good thing.

I want to live closer to: my best friends (who are spread out over 2 countries), Sunny, and the Pacific ocean.

The President is: American. Don't blame me.

The Media is: busy.

Right now, I should be calling: my mom.

The glass is: full of sparkling water.

If I could go anywhere it would be: Paris. No, Santa Cruz. No, Waterloo. No, Madison. No, Andalucia. No, Brazil. Ack!

Life is: a trip. Someone should sell tickets. I'd buy one.

I love the TV show: The O.C.

I don’t get enough time to: be alone.

One of the nicest things someone has ever done for me is: be my friend no matter what.

When no one’s around, I really like to: sing along.

My all-time favorite movie is: "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

If I had a million dollars: I would buy you a green dress.

My dream job would be: working with food and people.

My dream life would be: the one I'm living.

I hope: Memphis lives forever.

I would like: Denver to win the Super Bowl.

I dream about: everything. I had one about breastfeeding a few months ago. It was lovely and peaceful.

I have nightmares about: losing love.

In five years, I want to: be a mom.

On my desk is: a decorative Kleenex box.

My favorite website is: Dooce, because Heather's writing inspires me.


Brianna said...

"hello world" every morning and you're not a programmer? life is so unpredictable.

Anonymous said...

but not a real green dress hopefully! because thats just cruel, gillian